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Institutional grade hedge fund for everybody, start with $1 or $1 million it's up to you

Grow your wealth on autopilot

Day trading strategies crafted with AI

AI is the key

Our strategy designers use the most advanced AI technology to find cutting edge strategies that no one else is able to find.

Tested In and Out

Through thousands and thousands of rigorous testing we are able to create some of the most complex strategies that allow us to be first to the market so we can bring in major profits to all our investors.

Fully Automated

Everything is fully automated which means you are able to make money in your sleep, out with friends or while you're at work.

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Solid state of the art long term investments strategies

Innovative Investment Strategy

Our groundbreaking long term strategies cover everything that has to do with creating wealth for every single investor.

We take care of your Money

Our one and only goal is to help our investors with their entire financial life, not just investments.

Available Everywhere

Our virtual service is accessible from anywhere and around the clock. If you ever have any questions or ideas about anything related to wealth management we are here for you.

Relax and have Fun

Once you have access to our unique and well crafted investment portfolio you will be able to relax and release yourself from all financial worries.

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Hyper Advanced Strategies

Investobot applies advanced backtesting using a quantitative approach to guarantee that the strategies that stand out are the best of the best.

We have analyzed and dissected piece by piece the risk / return ratio of each trade over 15 millions times so that we can deliver to you what you expect and what you deserve.

With our dynamic tactical asset allocation we are able to properly assess the impact of historical and forward looking portfolio performance which allows us to have ongoing risk analysis to ensure you the greatest return possible.

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Why invest now?

According to our research, the global economy is undergoing the largest technological transformation in history. In the late nineteenth century, three innovation platforms evolved at the same time and changed the way the world worked. Thanks to the introduction of the telephone, automobile, and electricity, the world’s productivity exploded as costs dropped, unleashing demand across sectors.

Today, we believe that artificial intelligence, DNA sequencing, robotics, energy storage, and blockchain technology are the innovation platforms leading the global economy into what could be the most transformative period in history.

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