How to withdraw

You can only withdraw funds that are available in your investoBot spot account. So if your funds are assigned to one or more strategies, you can transfer it to your spot account in your dashboard

You can move any amount any time between your spot account and strategies. A transfer takes up to 24h to get confirmed

a. enter amount to withdraw
Currently we only support withdrawals in USDT, you can select the amount you want to withdraw if you have funds in your spot account.
There is no maximum amount, you can withdraw any available balance greater or equal to 10 USDT due to limitations of our exchange.

b. select the network of your withdrawal address
make sure the network / chain type matches your wallet address

Here is the list of networks we support:
TRX Tron (TRC20), BSC BNB Smart Chain (BEP20), MATIC Polygon, SOL Solana, Ethereum Network (ERC20), Arbitrum One, OMNI

c. enter your wallet address
make sure it matches your wallet address

d. create and confirm your withdrawal
once you created your withdrawal, you'll get an email in which you can confirm your transaction.
Make sure the network and wallet address matches your wallet address. Be careful, your funds can get lost if you make a mistake

Withdrawals can take up to 24 hours
The withdrawal fee is 1 USDT
The withdrawal minimum amount is 10 USDT + the fee